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Paul Andrew is a renowned South African watercolour painter. As an architect he has painted all his life ,but started full time painting at the age of sixty after a heart bypass operation in 1993. Since then he has had one- man exhibitions twice a year for a number of years. Venues include Kalk Bay, Constantia, London, Nieu Bethesda and Vermaaklikheid.

Paul has a rare gift for representing space and perspective in a highly accessible manner. His rendering of the female figure in ‘pure’ watercolour simplicity, is breathtaking. His recently published book (June 2012,) PAUL ANDREW,WATER COLOURS Figures, Landscapes, Buildings, Techniques is a body of work under these headings. Techniques is an introductory section on all his graphic effects and tricks-of-the-trade, as well as demonstrating what he considers to be ‘pure’ watercolour techniques. The book can also be used as a catalogues for ordering prints.