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Bedroom Ideas: Headboards

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our latest headboard covered in eco velvet colour platinum

Our latest headboard covered in eco velvet colour platinum.


Headboards are one of those decor accessories that can dramatically change the look and feel of your bedroom. While they are not strictly speaking ‘necessary’, they can really help with tying a bedroom design together to make it feel focused and more formal. A headboard immediately gives the impression that care was taken in creating an integrated room design rather than having various items of furniture stuffed into a room. More than that, a headboard is also functionally useful giving you comfortable support while reading a book, as opposed to leaning against the wall. With that in mind, let’s look at what is important when choosing a headboard.


What is the purpose of the headboard?

Before going out and buying the first headboard you can get your hands on, you do want to have a clear vision as to what the headboard is supposed to do. Some people just want a nice and decorative headboard that adds some focus to the bedroom design, while others actually want something more functional. With decorative headboards it is very important to match the style to the rest of the house – whether your home design is modern and minimalistic or more of a classical design, whether you are a fan of flashy colours or like more subdued tones, the headboard should ideally be part that design scheme. Putting an ultra modern metal framed headboard on a solid wooden bed can create a conflicting visual design you may not want! More functional headboard designs can offer either shelves to put your books or bedside lamps on or raised sides to hang your bathrobe. In short, make sure you know why you are buying your headboard first!


What is the best headboard size and what material should be used?

Headboards come in many different shapes and sizes. While all of them are made to fit either a King or a Queen sized bed there are still many design choices to play with. Some headboards are wider than the bed which helps to add drama to your bedroom design, while some are deliberately small to keep the main focus of the room on the bed itself. What is important in choosing the size and design of your headboard is that it is proportional not only to the bed and the room, but also to the person sleeping in the bed – if you happen to be very tall, a short headboard will cut into your back when you are trying to read! Generally speaking, the wider the bed, the taller the headboard should be.

In terms of materials, it becomes a question of care and personal preference. It is generally easiest to upholster your headboard with a tough and stain resistant material that is easy to care for, which makes cleaning it a breeze. If you choose a softer, more delicate fabric, there is also the option of making a loose cover instead of upholstering the headboard itself, that way you can just pull off the cover to clean it.

With regards to the colour it really depends on your personal taste and the decor scheme of your house and bedroom. You can either choose to stick to your existing colour scheme, or choose a completely different colour which then accentuates the existing design and the headboard – the only limits here are those of your imagination!


House of Sofia’s Headboard Range

After looking for a while, we have finally found some beautiful and timeless headboard designs that are now available in our interior decorating shop. From a simple and straightforward Oxford design headboard  to a more dramatic winged deep button design, we have made sure to have a headboard fitting your design needs. To make sure the headboard fits your home’s colour scheme, you can choose from our wide range of fabrics for upholstering, and we are also happy to discuss other design options whether they be adding buttons to the headboard, changing the piping, or adding some nightrills for the base of the bed to go with the headboard. Check out our headboard range or send us a quick message to let us know what you are looking for!

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